Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone  so I start all my blogs on a good note,so 1st things 1st…I Hope everyone who enjoys the valentine day holiday had a beautiful valentines.. and to those who dislike the holiday … well I hope you had a beautiful Sunday! 

I had the most amazing weekend ever.. Started off with a great Friday celebrating my fav lil brother from another mother Jon’s birthday at hunter’s night club .. to sum up the night its was a selfies, shots, shirtless dancing evening  so much fun with my besties… We had two valentines day.. one on Saturday so we can celebrate with the pup all day since he worked on Sunday, It was such a pleasant day, we woke up, exchanged gifts, had breakfast with some bubbly and home made food by Daddy, and then the pup took us to see Dead Pool and we all wore cute matching shirts I made for us  then we got to have a birthday diner with one of my most fav persons ever my litter mate Jen and the most amazing group of friends ever. Sunday we surprised the hell out of the pup with some sneak decorations and gifts at his apartment b4 work and then had lunch with one of the sweetest couples I know Eric and Victor .. where we got to go shopping at leatherwerks and comic book store.. what can I say the weekend was perfect and it ended with me and 2 guys watching walking Dead and well.. sleep .. yea that’s it  lol

Soooooooooooo what is this blog really about….. POLITICS.. LOL but not just politics .. its more about the discussions I been seeing on Facebook.. more like attacks and fights between friends… IF YOU KNOW ME YOU KNOW I NEVER DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING TOPICS.. RACE, RELIGION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, OR POLITICS.. why you ask ..because I value my friends more than my own opinion.. now that may sound weird but here is how it goes and I’m only referring to politics in this thread…

1. We all know if you see or hear about it on face book its true right…..WRONG….
2. Well it must be true if you see it on local news right, they must be an honest bunch… WRONG
3. Ok then CNN and FOX.. they are much bigger than the local channels certainly they must be saying the truth .. right? … WRONG
4. Well politicians certainly never lie so what ever they say on TV ….. or Write in their twitter or what ever that must all be True.. right … WRONGGGG
5. Oh ok I get it so the debates that’s when the truth comes out … who would lie in one of those tv debates.. they would get called out for it.. well guess what wrong again .. LOL lies .. they lie all the time and then its he said she said or he said he said lol whatever….

So here is my thoughts..100% of the information I have (I only speak for myself) comes from one of the following sources ANOTHER HUMAN BEING… either a news reporter, a candidate, a person checking facts and putting it on fact checker.com, a debate, an article written by a person .. I feel I really never know the truth .. so OK .. I admit not everything is a lie .. but my opinion what ever that may be on which ever candidate that may be is formulated by facts I never truly know are real or not .. and I’m going to go and fight with my friends trying to defend some one I don’t even know because I think they believe in something I believe in but I’m not even sure because they may be lying to me .. hmmmmm….

I love my friends to much .. and I respect the right for everyone to have an opinion ..but I am way to smart or maybe we call it ignorant to fight for someone who I have no idea if what I’m hearing is even true…

Anyway this wasn’t intended on being a super long blog.. but I ask all my friends while healthy debates are fun and productive to some that’s ok.. but I’m seeing a lot of name calling and hate and anger and people loosing friends.. and for what.. for a candidate who for all you know is lying to you .. come one guys.. pick the candidate you want .. done shame anyone for picking theirs .. go out vote and may the winner be the winner.. but don’t loose your friends simply because they interpreted something they heard that may or may not be a lie different than you did.. or if they believe a fact that may or may not be true and you don’t.. its not worth is .. in the end they all win .. they all move one being governors, senators, business owners, or what ever the hell they do and fighting for their hidden agendas and you .. you are left with one less friend and these people never even will know your name..

uncle sam

Love you all


  1. Oh sooooo true. These are topics I steer away from with my closest friends and loved ones. I like peace and harmony, what I think and who I vote for need not be visited on others. I’m not here to change opinions. Let everyone form their own and vote in good conscience. This election is so verbally vile I don’t even want to vote (but will to reserve the right to bitch!) Thanks for your view!

  2. I think discourse and conversation is necessary but angry speech turns me off as well.

    If your profile is for business then it’s probably best to avoid religion or politics, but friends should still remain friends if discourse is cordial.


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