Friendship… the ultimate action word….

I am truly blessed.. I started out my life with my two best friends ( my parents).. and few years later had another amazing friend come into my life when my younger brother was born.. these three individuals have been the ultimate best friends. Through thick and thin I have been shown that being a friend is not what you get out of the relationship is what you give to the relationship that counts…. I am lucky to have had a childhood that showed me being some ones friend is an action not just a word …….

Ok .. ok .. ok .. so I started writing this blog and I’m having writers block but.. not because I have lack of things to say .. but because my brain is all over the place…… Lol I think the time has come for you get a feel for how my brain works

So here are some of the thoughts that are going through my head….

The meaning of being a friend
One of my best friend’s sex life since he’s so excited because he met some one important
My Moms Birthday
My Halloween costume
My Brother
…..( oh there’s more but lol ill stop right there)

So where the hell do I begin.. have you ever wonder what a completely clean colon would feel like… well me and Ryan luckily have the same crazy brain and we have decided to have a colonic date.. LOL we did invite Joey lol but got shut down before we could even finish the phrase clean colon…

Hmm so why is this intriguing me lol.. those that know me know I have the weirdest hang-ups about bowl movements , I’m a hypochondriac, and I like to not feel heavy and bloated lol so did some research and this colon cleansing spa thing sounds like heaven .. it takes always toxins and stored nasty stuff from your intestine.. and leaves you feeling fresh and clean and wonderful and I want one 

So now onto friends… the other day I posted some random thing on Facebook and asked for some peoples support.. I forgot what it was but every one I asked … well didn’t even hesitate.. I am so freaking lucky.. I have one of the most amazing and solid support group that I think ever exist … I have so many wonderful people in my life, people who would jump at a moments notice if I need them, people who reach out and send love randomly, people who even if I go long periods of time with out talking to , its like we never stopped, I have a family that is just as perfect as can possible be, I have friends that look up to me, ask for advice, ( actually take it) I have a husbear who always looking out for my best and whom I would follow to the end of the world, I have a pup that looks at me like I can do no wrong in his eyes.. I mean I am blessed, I can go on and on .. but well just THANK YOU UNIVERSE AND GOD… WHAT EVER I DID TO DESERVE THIS THANK YOU!

So to piggy back on that , and the original purpose of my blog.. friendship being an action word…. I am soooooo excited to get up and txt one of my best friends ever and ask him how his new relationship is going.. I love that he asks for my advice and I love how happy he seems.. WHY? … its not because im nosey but because i take interests in my friends, i enjoy them when they happy, i try help when they not, i just exist for them when things are just normal…. see being a friend is not about only having a good support group its about being part of someone’s support group as well .. Id hope that for every one of those amazing individuals that I can always count on I am one that they know they can always count on..

I’m going to go off topic but not really.. just recently I had some one telling me how they hate fort Lauderdale, and how Fort Lauderdale is cliquish , went on and on and on how people are flaky and they don’t keep dates.. and so on.. so on.. and I just have 1 simple response.. in life you get what you give.. if you are only giving attention to “your type” or ”the popular people” or have any hidden agendas why you are targeting a specific group of people to be your friend, then you get what you give.. now if you are opening your heart to meet people from all walks of lives, all different shapes and sizes, all different groups and social settings and just welcome people for they energy and love unconditionally then again you get what you give….

Now I want to talk about my Mom .. Today is her birthday and that makes me happy and scares the living heck out of me at the same time. My mom is the single most important human being on this earth to me.. Along with my brother , my dad and soon my lil niece and of course my husbear and pup.. but my mom is a unicorn , she is like nothing you will ever meet in your life.. my mom is the most accepting , care free person I think I would ever know.. even though she doubts her self .. I hope one day she will look up in the mirror and see her self the way I see her… I don’t know if she follows my blog lol but I think she does lol she’s a #stalker LOL but not because she is nosey but because she wants to be part my life no matter how off the wall it may be… I know its not easy to understand pup thing, understand a Trida , leather , fetish .. but my mom doesn’t try to understand she just lovingly accepts what ever makes me happy and keeps me safe, and that’s pretty magical to me .. Today is her birthday and I took her to eat last night with my two partners .. do you think my mom batted an eye? Nope not one time all we got where big hugs and kisses for everyone and not ever 1 comment of doubt or judgement. She’s just a beautiful human being and I recognize she’s getting older as am I and I have to spend more time with her cause these are the years that count the most. I LOVE YOU MOM!

Now yes I have some other things I said I was going talk about .. lol but Wonka brain works on its own time.. lol my A.D.D. kicked in and now im wondering if penguins have knees.. LOL kidding.. but I did just get lunch delivered LOL and am going eat and get some work down.. ill touch up on my amazing brother, my bad ass Halloween costume.. which I need help making lol, and CLAW in another post..

TTYL .. This post was brought to you by the creators of Inside Out… now you see how my committee works.. 

Love Wonka.

Oh yea if you are reading this expecting punctuation’s, grammar, and good spelling you came to wrong blog.. if it sounds like a run on sentence well that’s how it came out of my brain lol….

  1. Wonka, you’re one of the best things that’s happened to me in my adult life. This post put a HUGE smile on my face! It seems lately that there’s nothing but happiness all around us, and I’m going to ride that wave until it takes me to shore or drags me out to sea.

    Love you, pup!


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