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rubbr 7When you do things from the Heart there is no telling where you will end up…. So I did it.. I got on stage and competed for an event.. Not just any event a Rubber event which many of you know are the funnest and funniest of most competitions.. they have the fantasy scene, they have the grab bag scene, your onstage question which usually a fun question , it’s definitely all geared around play and fun…

Now most of you know I can get in my own head and scare my self into believing that I am terrified of stages… but by following my heart I continue to learn more and more about myself.. so here’s how this journey started…..

I give a call to a good friend of mine to see how the preparations for the Florida Rubber weekend where going and if he needed any help with the event.. he in a muffled and slightly discouraged voice said the weekend was pretty much under control but he was going to be removing the contest part out of the event since there where not any contestants .. I hung up the phone and my wheels started turning .. I love Florida, I love rubber, I love my rubber brothers and sisters here in Florida.. so the time has come for me to put my money where my mouth is and fill out the application and be a contestant in the competition hoping that would encourage others… … I had at that point decided that my love for this community was bigger than my fears.. and I did not want to let this event die out and I did not want to have a 2nd year with no representation at MIR…
So here I am.. application in hand , fantasy typed up .. 1 week till the big weekend.. my Daddy and pup and a select few friends probably sick and tired about hearing how nervous I was lol and reading my revisions over and over again LOL..

Friday is here … and the meet and great is at The Ramrod.. I arrive.. I see old friends and of course say my hellos … but then Wonka takes over and I remember my purpose.. Its not to be in my comfort zone its to step out of it and walk around .. See all the new faces meet the people that came out to support I do what I always do.. which is work hard to find the new people, the people standing alone, the people that are shy , grab them introduce them around, probably steal their drinks lol or try and grope them and take theirs clothes of.. ( its true) lol but in all truth just try and make them smile and feel comfortable and welcomed…

Saturday comes around I wake up get geared up and head to the interviews.. Lol I loved the all questions I was asked, they where questions I am passionate about.. My favorite one was what will you do with the title if you win and the truth is .. I want to work hard to make this title accessible to the entire state of Florida , I want to go coast to coast in our beautiful state , event by event , group by group and make my self available so to encourage people to come out next year, so that next year they will be some new contestants.. to make sure that the Florida rubber family that I have grown to love and call family will continue to have this amazing event and make year 7 the biggest year yet  … one the judges asked me if I where a candy what would I be lol I said sour patch kids.. Lol but that’s cause they my fav candy.. but I wish I had said hello I’m Wonka .. I’m not just one candy lol my willie is home of all the candies (get it willy wonka LOL) … HAHAHAHA .. but you live and you learn .. LOL

Back from the interviews I go eat with my Daddy and Pup feeling pretty good and keeping my self distracted as to not get nervous we go home and finish watching one of our fav shows house of cards.. I start dozing off and the Pup and Daddy tell me to take a lil nap and they are going to go grocery shopping LOL BIG MISTAKE .. the minute they walk out the door … my eyes pop open and i start playing the evening through my head .. I Txt them both .. OMG I cant do this LOL .. they hurry home reminding me why I am doing this to begin with I relax again lol I start getting ready and arrive at Leather Werks , the place is packed my opponents look amazing in their gear.. and then immediately something clicks .. I start again saying hello to the unfamiliar faces and I start talking to the guys that are new or standing alone and suddenly I remember I am here to have fun, meet new friends , make people feel welcomed, and then boom I go on stage I feel good , I am having fun, I look out and although I can barely see from the spot light I am reminded I am amongst friends and family .. to my honest surprise I won .. i had two amazing opponents who did amazing job and I am honored to have shared the stage with them… rubbr 3

rubber 1

Sunday rolls around and I was honored to be asked by one of our amazing drag queens, Misty Eyez to be one of her back up dancer at one of her shows, she host Tranny Palace at alibi every Sunday , and every week a different theme , coincidentally this Sunday was leather theme.. I of course said yes.. It was so much fun and it gave me my passion to remind people .. we are ONE COMMUNITY.. WE STICK TOGETHER!

rubbr 5

now what I am Mr. Florida Rubber .. what’s next  rubber 2

Well I most definitely be competing at MIR.. I met my 1st MIR brother Jackson Mr. South East Rubber .. who is HOTTTTT by the way so I will be excited to get to know him and his amazing handsome partner some more.. ( see already new friends and family I love this thing already!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Cant wait to see Jeffery again and all my Chicago friends and family..

I will be making a big effort to through not only fundraisers but just fun parties to try and get my amazing local community excited again  .. I will be making lots road trips and offering my self to any one who would want a crazy rubber pup at their event in hopes to not only generate excitement for MFR 2017 but to generate rubbery excitement in every coast and at every Florida event I possibly can.. I hope you can take the time to follow me on my journey .. well lets call it our journey cause id like to share it with you . and finally yes fundraisers but not only to help with my travel fund, but I would like to use the organizations 501c3 status to good use!! I would like to select a series of different organizations and put a poll together and have you the community pick where you think the funds should go .. after all the title is not only mine is ours.. 

Please follow me on Facebook at Wonkapup Adrian or please ask to Join the Mr. Florida Rubber page     love you and again thank you to each and every single one of you who have sent me beautiful messages.. you really really have touched my heart!!!!!

I live , think, type, and act solely from my heart.. lol erratic , excited, passionate, thoughtful, always out of love… lol but if you think you going read this and get good grammar , and or spelling.. lol you haven’t met my heart LOL ..  I love you all from the bottom of my giant puppy heart

Oh wait one more thing.. Cause my heart is going explode and It just happened right now as I was typing this.. I don’t know what I have done to deserve all the love I get.. I get floored at how my life is filled with people who are so good to me and I mean I don’t even know how to describe it but thank you to all my friends and my hurricanes softball team who I just heard canceled practice and has a party lined up for me tonight to congratulate me .. this is just crazy they are not even rubber guys but OMG ONE COMMUNITY they still celebrate and support me and stand behind me .. I’m just so humbled…

Ok I love you bye for now 

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