Hey Everyone πŸ™‚ its me Wonka πŸ™‚ talking a bit about whats on my mind..

This is my lil corner if the world a place I come to share bit of how I think with you πŸ™‚ .. this isn’t about grammar, spelling, or right vs wrong ! I talk like I think lol .. fast , random, all over the place .. but genuine, honest and with out any bad motives πŸ™‚

Living in hope and faith… is it really as hard as we make it out to be?

There is no peace , like the internal peace you feel when you are living in faith and/or have hope…

But we make it so difficult to do when we want control the situation …

Its kinda crazy right …imma give you some examples of times we instinctively use faith and hope im situations we have no control over and we seem to not mind..

For instance take a safe one… you are at home and you order delivery .. or uber eats … you call, you order , you pay .. then you get distracted doing other things in no time knock knock .. there is your food…

You dont sit n stare at your phone, wonder if he’s comming, sit out in corner n wait, call n worry yourself sick.. no you just have faith the food will get there.. you never met the driver , but yet the food arrives..

Now you meet a boy .. he hasn’t called you … you are certain he is the one … omg he hasnt called you in 30 minutes .. freak out mode.. you go from good mood to picturing yourself single forever with 30 cats, or certainly he must have been in horrible accident thats why.. or he thinks you are ugly .. and those 30 minuets seem like eternity .. torment… then he calls.. all is good his phone was out batteries…

So why no faith … ohhhh because in scenario #2 your heart was invested and you wanted to play god.. you know this is the guy thats meant for you so wen he didn’t call your heart went into chaos..

Hmmm makes sense ?? No lol for me either.. lets try again..

We go on ubers , lifts , air planes , busses, boats, etc etc amusement park rides , etc etc we put our lives in the hands of these drivers, pilots ,operators etc etc and go about our buisness we txt, take pics, enjoy scenery , watch movies , read.. what ever it is .. but we place our lives squarely on their hands .. no issues… pure faith n hope in these strangers we have not met some we cant even see

So why cant we have the same faith, peace , n tranquility in a God of our understanding.. why cant we have the same trust in who or what ever is operating this ride called life? Why cant w trust we will get to the destination we are intended to get to?

I mean i know that its not easy .. but i can tell you that the level of peace that comes with having faith in a master plan, and not trying to control things is far beyond any thing i can experience!

So its been a great journey these past 8.5 months of sobriety, i have discovered things about my self I’ve never knew, ive changed , or am trying to change my self for the better, trying help others, and trying to just show up , live life the best i can, be best me possible, and let go of the results !

I today have faith ! All is as it should πŸ™‚

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